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New Barn Floor Installation

We're experts in creating a correctly grooved surface in new concrete barn floors.

Concrete barn floor groove dimensions should be precise to maximize traction, reduce claw wear, and minimize lameness for your cows. The correct concrete blend should be used to optimize your floor's durability. Concrete barn floors should be pan-troweled and allowed to cure for 24 hours in order to properly set. Concrete barn floors should be grooved in the direction of your cows' traffic. Our concrete barn floor grooving installation will help protect your cows, saving you money.

Our Concrete Barn Floor Grooving Will...

Create safe and secure flooring.
Obtain the ideal groove pattern.
Promote optimal hoof function.
Reduce claw trauma.

Deep Groove™ on new concrete.


Mini Groove™ on new concrete.

See What Our Clients Say...

  • It's clear to see just how seriously these guys take their work. You have a customer for life. Thank you for helping us improve our barn floors.

    Anna Thompson
  • Thank you for helping us put a plan in place to protect our cows by improving our barn floors.

    Rick Dempsey
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We provide dairy animals with adequate traction while promoting hoof health.
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