We're concrete barn floor grooving experts.

We're experts in creating a correctly grooved surface in new concrete barn floors to help protect your cows. Owner, Alan LeBlanc started in the hoof health industry in 2008, first as a hoof trimmer. While working as a hoof trimmer, Alan witnessed the negative effects that poor flooring would cause cattle. In collaboration with other trimmers, consultants, veternarians and Dairy Producers, Alan began to develop specialized techniques for fixing concrete barn floors and cattle hoof problems.


Our custom built concrete barn floor saw exceeds the dairy industry standards.

After years of Research and Development, Alan invented our custom built concrete barn floor saw to meet and exceed the needs of the dairy industry. Unlike the competition, the custom built saw gives us multiple concrete cutting devices to provide the best solution for your concrete barn floors. We are able to provide you with customized solutions to promote hoof health and provide maximum traction for your cattle.


Our services are designed for today's Dairy Producers.

Our services are designed for today's Dairy Producers. We approach every project with a professional attitude. We work efficiently and we always respect your staff and their busy schedules.


We understand hoof health.

We understand hoof health. Using our knowledge and experience we're able to work quickly and efficiently to provide you with the best results. We serve dairy farmers from coast to coast. However, we primarily work between Minnesota and Massachusetts.

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We provide dairy animals with adequate traction while promoting hoof health.
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